The main asset of Adventure Camp is our outdoor facility. Over our 48 acres campers will find all sorts of activity. From our archery range to our wetland ponds, campers can spend the whole day outdoors without even realizing it!


At the waterfront of our spring-fed little lake we have a permanent H-dock. This allows for multiple swimming areas for different levels. We also have12 canoes, and 12 kayaks (solo and tandem). The sandy beach allows for lots of fun in the sand and for camper beach games.

Animal Pens

Donkeys, and llamas and pigs, oh my! For the summer Adventure Camp is home to a variety of farm animals that campers get to help take care of. From feeding to grooming, groups will get their chance to help out our local residents. The farm animals come from Big Curve Acres farm and are healthy and immunized prior to their arrival at Adventure Camp. www.bigcurveacres.com

Camp Garden

Nothing like eating a watermelon you grew in your garden. At our camp garden campers will get a chance to plant, care for, and harvest a variety of different plants.

Wooded Trails

Covering a majority of our 48 acres, these maintained wilderness trails provide amazing views of the property and a great way for campers to explore the woods that surround the camp while staying safe.

Wetland Ponds

In addition to our Little Lake, Adventure Camp also has a fantastic wetlands complex, which is home to many species of fish, frogs and turtles make their homes. From observation to environmental experiments, this is a great spot for learning in the outdoors.

Archery Range

Tucked into the shade, our archery range is a safe spot for campers to find their inner Hawkeye or Katniss. Visible from the main area of camp, but in a secluded spot to ensure that everyone can have a fun, safe, time.

New Building

Opened in the summer of 2015, this building, with 5 washrooms and a full kitchen, provide an indoor space for our campers to escape from inclement weather and enjoy indoor programming blocks.

Activity Tents

We utilize large activity tents to provide shaded spaces at camp. These areas are used for doing arts & crafts as well as eating lunch each day. They are installed seasonally and have a wooden platform floor to ensure that campers can get dry on a rainy day.

Covered Wagons

Tucked in a quiet corner of camp our covered wagons provide a spot for groups to take a break and enjoy quiet recharge time with their groups.


There are three main washroom areas. There are a bank of washrooms in the New Building, as well as two bathrooms adjacent to the waterfront. Additionally, we use a portable latrine in a remote area of camp to ensure that campers are always comfortable.

Change Area

Adjacent to the waterfront there are private changing areas where campers can change in and out of their bathing suits before and after water activities.

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