Adventure Camp does not have any food available at camp. Campers need to bring all their food for the day. We ask that campers bring a Boomerang lunch and snacks.

A Boomerang lunch is where whatever is leftover from lunch and snack goes home (including bag, leftovers, etc.). Campers will have two snack breaks, so we encourage them to bring two snacks in addition to their lunches and a water bottle that they can refill. In accordance with our commitment to the environment, we ask campers to bring food and drinks in reusable containers (lunchbox, thermos, etc.) which are clearly labelled. We also require campers to bring reusable water bottles, to stay hydrated throughout the day.

Adventure Camp is a NUT AWARE environment. We make every effort to not provide any products that contain nuts or nut products and strongly encourage families to refrain from sending foods with nut products to camp.

In addition to being NUT AWARE we have also adopted a NO SHARING FOOD policy as there are many other foods to which campers can be allergic. If there is a known allergy in your camper’s group, you will be notified accordingly in order to ensure the safety and comfort of all campers. Additionally, our counsellors DO eat with their campers and actively supervise lunch and snack times to help reinforce this important policy. This also ensures campers only eat what is being sent from home. It is this active supervision that decreases putting campers at risk.

We want camp to be a safe space for all our campers, so please ensure that you are doing your part by packing nut free lunches and remind your child not to share food. However, we unfortunately cannot guarantee a nut or allergen free environment.