Safety, Health & Wellness

The health, wellness and safety of all campers and staff is our top priority.

All our camp staff are trained in Standard First Aid and CPR and camp has a fully stocked first aid area. In case of emergency, campers will be transported to Southlake Regional Healthcare Centre in Newmarket, just 20 minutes away.

Our approach to health is grounded in ensuring the wellness of campers. This means ensuring that important routines, such as putting on sunblock and regular hand washing. These routines are an important part of keeping your camper healthy while they are at camp.

We take safety very seriously at camp. In all areas of camp we enforce strict and sensible safety expectations. Our staff are trained to ensure that activities and daily routines are conducted in a safe manner. As well, all Adventure Camp staff receive emergency training to ensure that should the unexpected occur, our staff are able to keep campers safe.

Beyond physical safety, at Adventure Camp we believe it is important to ensure that campers are emotionally safe. Our staff is skilled in creating a safe, supporting and welcoming space for all our campers.

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